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Electrical Safety

How To Use Your Electricity Safely

Remember that most accidents involving electricity can be avoided if you follow some simple advice such as:

- If your sockets are faulty or are overheating, contact Boston Mayflower immediately on 0300 365 5000. Never tamper with electricity, get expert help.

- Never overload electrical power points.

- Use electrical socket adaptors as little as possible and use adaptors only for low loaded items such as table lamps, radios, alarm clocks etc.

- Make sure all plugs are wired correctly with the correct fuse fitted.

- Never take electrical appliances into the bathroom.

- Never touch an electrical appliance or socket with wet or damp hands.

- Always unplug appliances when they are not in use.

- Do not touch any electrical items you think are unsafe.

- Check flexes regularly. Never use damaged flexes or run them under carpets or rugs.

- Make sure that kettle and iron flexes, pans on cookers etc are out of children’s reach.

- Consider buying plug safety covers if you have young children.

- Always use a circuit breaker when using any electrical appliance outside e.g. hedge trimmers, lawn mowers etc.