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Annual Servicing and Safety Checks

Every year people die and others suffer from Carbon Monoxide poisoning because of faulty gas appliances. Annual gas servicing and safety checks can help prevent this. There should be no more than 365 days between safety checks and services. Boston Mayflower arranges for all of its gas, oil and solid fuel appliances to be serviced annually. It is very important for you to agree a mutually convenient appointment with our contractor so they can visit your home and carry out the work. The contractor will contact you each year to arrange this.

You cannot refuse access for this work to be done as it is a requirement of your tenancy agreement. It is a legal requirement that we carry out this work - if you do not let us in we will apply to the courts to gain access to your home.

Tenants who have their own gas fires, wall heaters etc. need to have them checked AT LEAST every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered installer. If you have your own appliances you need to arrange this yourself each year.

Boston Mayflower has all solid fuel central heating systems serviced each year. This includes sweeping the chimney for the boiler. However, tenants living in homes with solid fuel are responsible for the sweeping of their chimneys e.g. for open fires.

If your property does have a solid fuel central heating system you must always make sure that you use the correct fuel. ONLY use approved smokeless fuel on closed appliances (Parkrays, Triancos, Charnwood Boilers, etc.)

You must NEVER use a closed appliance with the boiler door open.

All central heating appliances need an adequate air supply to work safely. Always make sure of the following:

  • NEVER cover an appliance or block the vents
  • NEVER block or obstruct any fixed ventilation, grilles or air bricks
  • NEVER block or cover external flues
  • NEVER fit draught stripping to doors of a room containing a heating appliance
Annual servicing and safety checks

If you believe that fumes are escaping from your heating appliance or you have concerns about its operation, turn the appliance off and ventilate your home by opening the doors and windows. Do not use the appliance again until Boston Mayflower's contractor has visited, dealt with and faults and left the appliance in safe working order.

Morgan Lambert Ltd. and Richard Heating Services carry out Independent Quality Inspection for us, helping to raise and maintain standards.