What You Can Do If You Are Suffering From Anti-Social Behaviour

What can you do?

It is important that you try and help by taking the following steps.


  • Firstly, if your neighbour is causing a disturbance, such as playing loud music, their dogs are barking all the time, or their children are causing a nuisance, try and talk to them politely before you involve us and tell them about the problems you are having.  They may not realise that they are causing a problem


  • Think about the best way to tell your neighbours, consider how you would want to be approached, do you want to talk to them, write to them or get outside help.  Choose a good time to speak to them and think about what you want to say. 


  • Remember to keep yourself safe at all times; you will know whether it is safe to approach your neighbour. 


  • Don’t tell everyone on the street first, bang on the walls, throw things, shout abuse or point fingers.  Although these things might make you feel better, they won’t help the situation or set a tone for talking to your neighbours.


  • Do give your neighbours a chance to tell their side of the story (even if you don’t agree)


  • Do give them enough time to deal with the problem.


  • Do keep calm, your neighbours may say they have a problem/complaint about you, take a deep breath and think about it.  Do they have a point?  Try not to be offended by their approach and think about anything you would be happy to do to differently.  If you think they are being unreasonable, tell them why.


  • If speaking to your neighbour does not work, please contact us and give us full details of your complaint. We may send you some diary sheets to record the anti-social behaviour. You must send these back to us with full details of dates, times and the names of who is causing the problem. It is useful to record incidents over a period of at least a few days


  • For more serious cases of anti-social behaviour, you may also want to involve the police. 

Need To Report Anti-Social Behaviour

If you would like to report some anti-social behaviour please use our online form here Anti-Social Behaviour Report Form or call 0345 604 1472