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Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchanges allow you to swap your home with another tenant. Exchanges are often a quicker way for you to move home rather than applying for a transfer. They are a “self-help” option because you can find somebody to swap with yourself. You can exchange your property with another Boston Mayflower tenant, or Housing Association or Council tenant from this or any other area.

There is a government operated nationwide exchange scheme which can be accessed at the HomeSwapper website

Only Assured Tenants can qualify for the Mutual Exchange Register.

You can advertise for an exchange in local shops and newspapers. You can also apply to go on the Boston Mayflower Mutual Exchange Register – a list of all Boston Mayflower tenants who want to exchange within the Boston Borough area. The Register of properties that are available for exchange can be found by choosing ‘available properties’

A Mutual Exchange is an “assignment of tenancies” which means that you enter an agreement to hand over your tenancy to the other party in the exchange, and they are doing the same. So you will be taking on responsibility for the other party’s tenancy on the same terms and conditions. You cannot exchange your home unless you are an Assured tenant. If you are not sure of the type of tenancy you have, your Area Team will advise you.

We also carry out monthly promotions of selected properties that are on the Mutual Exchange Register, these can be found on ‘pictures of properties’.   If you would like to promote your property, contact the Housing Options Team on 01205 318606.


More information — Please contact your Area Team at:

Town & North Area

Chantry House

3 Lincoln Lane


PE21 8RU

Tel: 0300 365 5000

Fenside Estate Office

Fenside Manor

Shaw Road


PE21 8LL


Tel: 0300 365 5000

South Area Office

Station Road



PE20 1LD

Tel: 0300 365 5000

The attached guide provides all the information that you need to know to be able to Exchange.