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Boston Mayflower Limited

Available Properties

The Choice Based Lettings scheme, Boston Homechoice, is available for you to browse through available properties and place bids if you are interested in a particular property. You can find more details of the Boston Homechoice scheme on the Boston Homechoice website: www.bostonhomechoice.co.uk

Shared Ownership Properties

Property TypeRoadTownFull Valuation (£)DetailsNumber RemainingImage
3 Bed HouseStanhope Way, Rosebery MeadowsBoston130,000£65,000 = 50% share. Shares available from as little as 35%. Approximately 1 mile from the... 
Re Sale: 2 Bed HouseTaverners MewsLong Sutton104,00050% share = £52,0001Tavern Mews
1 Bed HouseTaverners MewsLong Sutton85,00050% share = £42,500 1 bedroom house located in Long Sutton, approximately 14 miles from...1
3 Bed HouseStanhope Way, Rosebery MeadowsBoston130,00050% share = £65,000 shares from as little as 35% available. Approximately 1 mile from the Town...1

Speedwell Properties

Speedwell Homes is a market rental subsidiary of Boston Mayflower. The currently available properties and application pack(s) are listed below.