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Thinking of Moving

If you are looking for a new home then this page can help you, whether you are an existing tenant or if you wish to become one.

We can give you information on how we let our empty properties through the Choice Based Lettings Scheme and how to swap your home with someone else by a Mutual Exchange. We provide information on our older persons accommodation, and the Assisted Transfer Scheme that gives assistance to older people moving from one of our larger properties.

This section also provides information about Low Cost Home Ownership and our Shared Ownership opportunities and also advertises our New Developments.

In addition you can find information here on the letting standards you should expect when moving into your new home, and the Cash Back Scheme that you may receive when you leave.

Boston Mayflower has a market rental subsidiary called Speedwell Homes.  Speedwell Homes work with local Landlords to provide good quality private rented homes available to rent.  Click here to go to the Property Shop.