Tenant Inspectors

Tenant Inspectors are tenants who visit various locations, checking the quality of the work that has been completed there. Occasionally the groups may be asked to carry out work to support the Customer Scrutiny Panel.

There are three groups of Tenant Inspectors:

Property Inspectors

Tenants in the Property Inspectors Group visit void properties to ensure that they are up to the standards set out by Boston Mayflower.

Property Inspectors meet once a week over a 4 week period, held every quarter. They have 3 weeks of inspections followed by a final meeting on the 4th week to discuss findings.

During the final meeting the tenants are joined by the Lettings Manager, Repairs Manager, Voids Surveyor and Lettings Officer.

Greenspace Inspectors

Greenspace Inspectors meet every 6 weeks during the summer months. Inspectors check the standards of grass cutting, weed spraying and hedge trimming over different areas where Boston Mayflower has properties. Outside the grass cutting season they check the winter works.

The Inspectors check if the land in question is cut by Ground Control who are the Boston Mayflower contractors, or whether it belongs to Boston Borough Council. Any issues identified are fed back to our Property Services Team to be looked at.

The results from the inspections are discussed as part of the 'Your Neighbourhood' Service Voice.

Painting and Joinery Inspectors

This group monitors the external painting and joinery work carrid out by our contractors. Any issues are fed back to our Property Services Team and results are discussed as part of the 'Your Home' Service Voice.

If you would like more information on any of our groups please complete the Get Involved From and a member of staff will get in touch.