Solar PV Programme Update

As I am sure many of you will be aware from national press releases that the government has implemented a change to the feed tariff rates for solar PV which was formally announced on the 17th December 2015 and becomes effective from the 15th January 2016. The change has been implemented sooner than expected and effectively means that the current funding model is no longer financially viable for Empower, the investment company after this date.


This combined with the delayed start due to legal consent issues means that our aspirational volume of over 2000 homes will not be achievable in the remaining time available. We are hopeful of installing panels to approximately 1000 homes, subject to the ability to resource materials and labour. The change to the feed in tariff rates has had the impact of increasing the demand for materials and labour nationally in order speed up the delivery of existing contracts which has made it difficult to resource the project given our rural location with the cities attracting the majority. However, as we get closer to the deadline we are seeing other projects in the country failing so we anticipate the materials and labour will become more abundant during the first two weeks of January 2016.


We (Boston Mayflower and Empower Community Solar) are working very hard to bring in as much resource both locally and nationally to maximise the delivery of this project and we will continue to do so until the deadline on the 15th January. We hope to have a new contractor starting imminently called Saliis Renewables who will be working alongside Corgi Energy and Think Sustainable Energy and we will be surveying and installing over the Christmas period.


We appreciate that this will be disappointing for those that do not receive the panels by the deadline and for those people we will commit to retaining the asset information on our database and we will continue to monitor the Solar PV sector should an alternative funding model prove viable in the future.

As soon as we have confirmation of which properties will not be receiving the panels we will write to all those people and formally notify them.