Service Voice

"It's good being involved because you get to meet people and know who you are talking to when members of staff phone you. Being involved in this group means that you get to know and understand the reasons behind why things are done the way they are."

- June, 'Your Home' Service Voice

Service Voices are made up of tenants who work with Service Managers to help improve service delivery, ensure services are customer focussed and develop and monitor Service Standards.

There are five Service Voices and they are:

  • Your Home
  • Your Neighbourhood
  • Your Wellbeing
  • Your customer service
  • Your Money

The level of your time required for any of these groups is about 2 hours every 6 weeks.

Please note, you can only be a member of one of these groups at any one time.

If you would like more information on this or any of our groups, please complete the Contact Form and a member of staff will get in touch.