Rechargeable repairs

Boston Mayflower aims to provide a value-for-money repairs and maintenance policy. In aiming to deliver value for money, the Company primarily only carries out work for which there is a need and for which it is responsible. Essential to this approach is the need to ensure that tenants are recharged for works for which they are responsible or for works resulting from their negligent behaviour or deliberate abuse.


Will I Be Charged For Any Repairs?
There are some repairs that you must pay for, including:

·Repairing or removing anything that belongs to you, or that you have accepted at the start of the tenancy which does not belong to Boston Mayflower.

·Any damage caused by you, a member of your family or a visitor, that results in us having to do a repair or replacement.

·Lost keys and broken windows - unless they have been broken as a result of a reported crime.

·Electrical plugs, light bulbs/fluorescent tubes and starters.

·If you leave the property in a bad condition or do not clear all your belongings when you move out.

·If you callout a contractor and the repair is not the responsibility of Boston Mayflower you will be recharged for the callout and any work you agree for the contractor to complete.

  • Any unauthorised alterations made by the tenant or any works have not been completed to the recommended standard.

How Much Will It Cost?
If we decide that you should be recharged for a repair we will tell you when you report the repair.

How Do I Pay?
We will send you a bill for the repair amount. A list of standard repair charges can be viewed or downloaded below.

If you think you require a non-standard repair, want more information, or want to discuss the various payment methods please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 604 1472.

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