Planned improvements and cyclical maintenance


As the biggest provider of social rented homes in Boston and the surrounding area, Boston Mayflower is committed to providing you with excellent services.


To meet the ‘Decent Homes’ standard set out by the Government, it is our duty to ensure that your neighbourhoods are kept clean and tidy.


This booklet provides you with information about our Grounds Maintenance service and the requirements set out by our organisation, which should be upheld across all of our properties.


The work mainly comprises the management and maintenance of land and facilities over 34 hectares including:


Open spaces, play areas, recreation grounds, tree management, weed control, sheltered and dispersed housing units.



Work required


Grass cutting, litter collection, hedge trimming, care of trees and landscaped areas, trimming of shrubs and roses, inspection of play areas and treating weeds.


Services delivered



General Programme Of Works




INFORMATION ON PROGRAMME - Please be aware that the schedule of works provided is affected by weather, it is our intention to try and keep to the plan where possible. The June hedge cutting visit may have to be moved backwards due to nesting birds.  Hedges during this time will be checked prior to cutting and if nesting activity is identified the scheduled visit will be postponed.

Many activities such as Leaf clearance and rose pruning will be triggered by seasonal patterns of weather. Please be advised that this is a changing all the time and we will do our best to ensure that correct start dates are delivered.  If you have any requests for service or information please contact Project Manager on 0345 604 1472.



Clarification of standards


The following descriptions and photographic examples of what a good standard looks like should be used in conjunction with the contract specification to determine the requirements of grounds maintenance that is set by Boston Mayflower throughout its estate:


  • Grassed areas neatly mown with edges strimmed against kerbs, beds and obstructions
  • Planting areas effectively free of weed growth and litter
  • Maintain shrubs and hedges (and their beds) in a neat, tidy and appropriate way that does not obstruct or overhang footpaths, roads, windows, gas flues, etc.; or encroach on any other maintained areas unless this is the intention of the original design


  • Hard landscaped areas to be weed free and to be swept or blown clear of grass clippings following mowing of adjacent grass areas
  • Maintenance strips to buildings, walls, fences and around trees to be kept tidy and weedfree at all times by use of herbicide
  • All pruning and off-cuts removed from site
  • Litter removed on each visit from all areas of grass and shrubs before operations commence



What does a good standard look like?

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What does a poor quality standard look like?

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Weekly visit calendar 2015















Boston Mayflower grounds maintenance visits


If you have any questions about our Grounds Maintenance service, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0345 604 1472 and speak to one of our friendly advisors, or visit for more information.