Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange is an 'assignment of tenancies', which means that you enter into an agreement to swap your tenancy to another party in the exchange and they do the same. You will be taking on the responsibility for the other person's tenancy on the same terms and conditions. However, you can only exchange your property if you are an assured tenant.

This is a 'self help' option to move as you can actively find somebody to swap with yourself. There is a register of all those wishing to swap - details are in our Chantry House reception. For details on how to join the register, please contact your local area office.

Once you have found someone to swap with, both parties need to complete an application form and send them to our Chantry House office. However, you must not move until you have written permission and after both parties have signed for the new properties.


Should you need a mutual exchange request form or anymore information please visit our get in touch page.