Leaseholder Rights and Responsibilities

As a leaseholder, you have certain rights and responsibilities, as does the freeholder. The leaseholder has bought the right to live in the property for a fixed number of years - initially up to 125. Your specific lease will tell you if you need permission to make alterations, how much your fees are to maintain the property and which repairs you may or may not be responsible for handling.

The lease is a binding contract, enforceable in law, which contains both your rights as leaseholder and the company’s rights as a freeholder. You, as leaseholder, have the right to get information about service charges or insurance, know the freeholder’s name and address, be consulted about maintenance costs and challenge certain charges under some circumstances.

The freeholder owns the building in which you live and is responsible for looking after the structure, exterior and common areas of the block. The leaseholder pays their share of the company’s costs of building and grounds maintenance.

The leaseholder is also responsible for keeping the inside of the home in good order, paying on time, behaving in a neighbourly manner, and not making alterations without prior consent of the freeholder.

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