Improvements in your area

Boston Mayflower works to keep our properties and grounds in their best condition for you, our tenants, and the community. Through the use of devolved budget funds, we are able to make improvements in areas where we have housing and own land.

Each year , we invite our tenants to join us for Estate Walkabouts and give us their suggestions for improvements they would like to see in their local area. These improvements could include bins and bollards, signs and streetlights or fences and footpaths. Following on from these we hold Pop Up meetings, where we provide activities for children and give tenants the opportunity to give their opinions on the suggestions that have been made for their area.

All suggestions are taken on board, and we will deal with those that are on Boston Mayflower property where appropriate, and pass details on to other agencies for those that are not. Please come along and join us as we welcome your views on how we can improve your area.

To listen to a podcast about our devolved budgets please click on the link below entitled 'Devolved Budgets Podcast'.