Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit Explained

Housing Benefit is a means tested benefit based on your income and intended to help you meet your housing costs. You may be entitled to this assistance if you are on a low income and need help to pay your rent and service charges. How much your benefit is depends on your income and household circumstances.

Housing Benefit does not cover all service charges and will not help you to pay the cost of gas, electricity, water, sewerage and telephone services you use in your home. Please contact us if you need to know more.

Discretionary Housing Payment

If you are receiving Housing Benefit, but still have trouble paying your remaining rent, some Councils have a limited amount of funds available each year to help. To apply for this additional rent assistance, make an application at your local  council office (forms are available from the Council).

Any award will be for a limited period and can only be awarded for housing costs normally eligible for Housing Benefit.

Changes in Circumstances

It is very important that you notify your local Council promptly of any changes in circumstances if you are already receiving Housing Benefit.

Starting Work and in Receipt of Housing Benefit

If you start working after a period of 26 weeks on Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, or similar benefit, you may be entitled to continue getting Housing Benefit at the same rate for a period of four weeks after your new job begins.

How we can help you

Boston Mayflower is able to help you make a claim for Housing Benefit, report a Change in your circumstances as well as a wide range of general benefit guidance from our Benefits Liaison Office.  

Please contact us for further details on 0345 604 1472.