Garage and Car Parking Spaces

Boston Mayflower has a selection of garages and parking spaces (with or without lockable bollards) available to rent across Boston.

Boston Mayflower tenants can rent one garage or space VAT-free, and will pay VAT on any additional garages or spaces.  Non-tenants will pay VAT on any garages or spaces they rent.


Termination of a Garage or Parking Space

Boston Mayflower requires written notice of one week to terminate a garage or parking space rental, and this notice must run from a Monday, e.g. if the written notice is received on a Wednesday, the notice period will start the following Monday.


Garage plots require four weeks written notice to terminate, to allow any structure that has been sited on the plot to be removed.  Responsibility for paying for the garage plot continues until the site has been cleared.

To apply for a Garage or Space please use the form below

Boston Mayflower Garage and Parking Form



Mayflower Tenant

First Garage or Space

Non-Mayflower Tenant or Additional Garage/Space
Garage £7.18 a week £8.62 a week
Lockable Bollard £102.94 a year £123.52 a year