Do I need to live in a Boston Mayflower property to use this service?

No, anyone can use this service whether they live in a Boston Mayflower property or not.

How old do have to be to use this service?

Our products are suitable for people of all ages depending on your own personal needs.

Do I need a Lifeline Unit installed to use any of the other equipment?

Almost all of our equipment requires you to have a Lifeline Unit installed in your property. The only exceptions are SOS Wristbands, Medication Dispensers, Wellbeing Calls and Key Safes.

Do I have to get permission from my landlord (if applicable) to have a Lifeline unit installed?

No, but if you would like to have a Key Safe fitted it is best to check with your landlord first.

Contact Us

For full details on equipment, bundles and pricing, please contact us on 01205 360300 or email care@bostonmayflower.org.uk.