Customer Scrutiny Panel

What is Scrutiny?


Scrutiny is an important role for Boston Mayflower residents.  It helps to make sure that you, the customer, get high quality services that are relevant to your needs and show value for money.  The Customer Scrutiny Panel holds Boston Mayflower to account for its decisions, performance and conduct.


To find out more about Scrutiny and the Panel, please read our ‘Guide to Customer Scrutiny’ and our latest Annual Report which can be found on our documents section here


What does a Scrutiny Review involve?


The Customer Scrutiny Panel investigates a service area by looking at performance, customer feedback, policies and procedures, publications, sector best practice and can commission specialist advice.  The Panel then makes recommendations to the Board on how to improve service delivery.  The Panel aims to submit four service review reports per year.


To read full reports from the Customer Scrutiny Panel, please visit our documents section here.


How can I get involved?


There are two ways you can get involved with Scrutiny.


The Panel – this involves attending at least 5 meetings per review and conducting some work at home via the Scrutiny Online Dashboard.


Associate Member Scheme – this involves attending 2 evening meetings per review and conducting the majority of your work at home via the Scrutiny Online Dashboard.


To find out more about what is expected of scrutiny members and the support offered, please see our ‘Scrutiny Membership Information’ in our documents section here


If you would like more information on the Customer Scrutiny Panel or would like an application pack, please complete the Contact Us form and one of our staff members will get in touch with you.


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