County Council Grass verge Responsibility

County Council Grass verge Responsibility


In our most recent newsletter we informed you that there were proposed changes to Grounds Maintenance services that may affect you. These relate to changes introduced by Lincolnshire County Council.

In addition to the street lighting reduction, the County Council has now confirmed to Boston Mayflower that as of 1 April 2017 areas of highway verge in the villages outside of the town will be cut twice a year by a Contractor on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council as part of their safety cutting programme.  

The only exceptions to this will be Kirton, Sutterton, Fosdyke and Wyberton where the Parish Councils have agreed to take on grass cutting on Lincolnshire County Council’s behalf under a parish agreement.  

If it is decided that further cuts are required in addition to the two Lincolnshire County Council cuts, these will be at the cost of the relevant Parish Council

Boston Mayflower takes a great a deal of pride in the management of open areas on our estates and appreciates the value that our customer’s place on them. It is important that you understand how these changes might affect you.

Boston Mayflower will continue to cut the open space areas for which it is responsible for in accordance with the 17 cut annual cycle which is detailed in the Greenspace Management area on our website.         

If you require any further information or wish to raise a concern regarding cutting of highway verges please contact Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways Department or your local Parish Council.

To help identify who to contact regarding the cutting of grass verges Boston Mayflower have produced the location plans below. Please note that areas coloured pink are the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council. Areas in green are managed by Boston Mayflower. Also a list of contacts you may find useful

Bicker 1 Wrangle 11     Fishtoft 1                   1  Butterwick 1 Old Leake 1 Bennington 1 Wigtoft 1 Swineshead 1

Useful contact Details

Lincolnshire County Council

County Offices, Newland, Lincoln, LN1 1YL

Telephone: 01522-552222


Local Parish Council

Bicker                         Tel: 01775 820576                  Email:

Wrangle                      Tel: 01205 270352                  Email:

Leverton                     Tel: 07913002864                   Email:

Fishtoft                       Tel: 01205 352044                  Email:

Butterwick                 Tel: 01205 760452                  Email:

Old Leake                   Tel: 01205 280873                  Email:

Bennington                Tel: 01205 760452                  Email:

Wigtoft                       Tel: 01205 460585                  E-mail:

Swineshead               Tel: 07899 740375                  Email: