Boundary Disputes

Should you find yourself in disagreement over the possession or control of land between your home and your neighbour’s, know that Boston Mayflower is here to help when needed. Before contacting us, however, please ask yourself the following:

  • Have I discussed the problem civilly with my neighbour?
  • Are there boundary posts already in place that I can use as guides?
  • If putting up fencing, have I received the required permission?
  • Is the fencing no higher than 2 meters at the back and 1 meter at the front?


If you are still in disagreement:

  • Boston Mayflower can provide scale plans
  • Generally speaking, when looking directly at the property, the fencing/boundary on the right hand side of your home is your responsibility (however this is only a guide) 
  • If the property next door is an Owner/Occupier there will be a record of boundary responsibilities and who owns what land 
  • Review the Neighbour Disputes and Nuisance Policy Statement, available for download here .
  • Boston Mayflower can arbitrate in boundary disputes between tenants, and our decision is final.