Boston Mayflower and Shoreline Working Together

Merger update

As you know Boston Mayflower has been in discussions with Shoreline about a proposed merger to create a 12,700 greater Lincolnshire landlord providing new homes, meeting housing need and delivering better services throughout Lincolnshire.

Over the summer both Boston Mayflower and Shoreline consulted with tenants, customers and partner organisations to get views so our boards could carefully consider this feedback before making a final decision about whether to proceed with a merger.

So, what did you think?

Following the eight-week consultation, 67% of Boston Mayflower customers who gave a view expressed their support for the proposed merger.

We received 115 responses to the merger consultation:

  • 77 supported the proposal
  • 20 did not respond to the question and instead provided comment on
  • 11 were not in support
  • 7 were neutral.


Residents liked the merged organisation’s commitment to:

Building new homes. Those responding were pleased to know the merged

organisation would be able to build more homes than if the merger didn’t go ahead.

Retaining key senior staff. Several comments echoed your trust in our team and

confidence that the service you receive now would continue.

Further improving the repairs offer. There was a strong feeling that the current trade operatives should continue and that there would be a benefit to customers if the repairs service could run seven days a week for all.

  • Further detail about the consultation and answers to some of your questions are available here Questions and answers

What does North East Lincolnshire Council think?

You may have seen in the local news that North East Lincolnshire Council has given in-principle approval for the merger to go ahead.

So, what does this mean?

This means that North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) has given approval to the merger subject to formal agreement being reached between us on the content of a ‘memorandum of understanding’.

The ‘memorandum of understanding’ will set out the nature of the intended future relationship between Shoreline (or the new merged organisation, which would include Boston Mayflower) and NELC.

Once this is agreed by both parties it should form a legally binding deed between Shoreline (and any merged organisation) and NELC.

What happens next?

Subject to making good progress with this piece of work we would expect the merger to be able to complete in early 2018, although as yet a precise date is yet to be set.

As soon as we have a final decision we will contact all tenants directly and of course make sure you are kept up to date.

We’ve put together a series of questions and answers here but if you’d like to ask us anything else then please let us know

Please remember, there will be no change to your tenancy agreement or lease. Your rent and rights will remain the same and you don’t need to do anything.