Anti-Social Behaviour Our Service

Our Service

When we receive an allegation of ASB we will:

  • take the allegation seriously;
  • respect confidentiality;
  • Be helpful, courteous, sensitive , responsive and knowledgeable
  • Within 3 working days, we will contact the complainant and arrange a mutually convenient time and place to meet with them and discuss the issues raised. (Our initial response or first contact will usually take the form of a telephone assessment of the situation)
  • undertake a risk assessment matrix (RAM) at the first contact with the complainant
  • provide a written action plan/acknowledgement letter; within 3 working days to include a named point of contact, along with details of how to maintain contact with us;
  • Initial contact with alleged perpetrator (subject to consent of the complainant) within 5 working days
  • Regularly update the complainant of our progress in dealing with the complaint.(As a minimum we will contact complainants at least every 14 days to provide an update;)
  • provide necessary advice and support to complainants and witnesses;
  • where necessary take prompt, proportionate and effective action.
  • consult with the complainant on closing cases but a closure letter will be sent in all instances.

In addition, we will

  • Provide interpretation if you need it
  • Work with other agencies such as the police to help resolve the problem. This will only be done with your permission
  • Where appropriate consider legal action, against those who continue to act in an anti-social manner. This can include injunctions, possession proceedings.

We can take various measures against someone who is acting anti-socially. The action we take will depend on how bad the anti-social behaviour is and how often it happens.

Remedies include, but are not limited to:


Lincolnshire Mediation Service offers a confidential, impartial service that can solve many instances of misunderstanding or anti-social behaviour. Here are two examples of when mediation would be used:

  • Neighbours fall out over a minor difference, such as the position of a boundary fence
  • Neighbours have very different and contrasting lifestyles, for instance an elderly person who may like a quiet life living next door to a younger tenant who likes loud music



An injunction is a court order that commands or forbids a person to do something. For example, someone may not be allowed to go near a certain address or contact a certain person. Often an injunction may have powers of arrest attached to it, meaning that the person can be arrested if they breach the terms of the injunction. An example of the use of an injunction would be to protect somebody from a neighbour who was causing alarm by threats of violence or actual violence.


Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC)

These are voluntary written agreements between an individual and Boston Mayflower, though sometimes other agencies, like the police and Boston Borough Council, may be involved too. They contain promises not to behave in a certain manner or to stop doing certain things. ABCs are not legally enforceable but if they are broken are used as further evidence to support court action. As an example, an ABC would be appropriate if a youth has been taking part in minor acts of vandalism like writing graffiti on a park bench.


Demotion / Possession Proceedings

This is court action that can lead to tenants being evicted from their homes.

Before this stage the tenants involved will have had several warnings to stop their behaviour. Evicting someone from their home, who may have family and children, is a very serious matter.

We would have to prove to the court that the tenants had broken the terms of their tenancy agreement, and that it would be reasonable for the court to evict them. As an example, we would use a possession order if a tenant had been convicted of dealing in class A drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, from their property.

Need To Report Anti-Social Behaviour

If you would like to report some anti-social behaviour please use our online form here Anti-Social Behaviour Report Form or call 0345 604 1472