Anti-Social Behaviour

Boston Mayflower is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour, promptly, firmly and fairly.  We recognise that every individual is entitled to live in peace within their neighbourhood.

Our dedicated Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, provides guidance and assistance to the Neighbourhood Teams and is involved in the more serious anti-social behaviour cases alongside any legal action we may take.

What is Anti-Social Behaviour?

  • Racial harassment - Violence, threat of violence, harassment or discrimination directed to a person/persons because of their colour or ethnic background
  • Harassment/intimidation - Harassment on the grounds of gender, religion, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS, mental health, disability, age, etc. The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 states that at least 2 acts of harassment need to occur to form an offence within the meaning of the act
  • Noise nuisance - Loud music, television/radio, DIY, shouting, dogs barking, etc.
  • Vandalism/graffiti - Broken windows, damage to property and/or communal areas
  • Alleged illegal activity - Storing stolen goods, theft, drug offences, burglary, prostitution, joy riding, etc.
  • Domestic abuse - Physical, mental, sexual or financial violence/threat of violence that takes place within the home environment
  • Pet nuisance - Dangerous animals, noisy animals or fouling by dogs/cats
  • Abandoned vehicles - Untaxed vehicles and/or vehicles in a dangerous condition
  • Untidy areas - Gardens, communal areas, overgrown patches and litter
  • Boundary disputes and access problems - Fencing, hedging and 'right of way' issues
  • Unruly children - Trespassing, bad behaviour and ball games nuisance
  • Other - Unauthorised use of premises, parking problems, etc.

People experiencing anti-social behaviour will be encouraged to play a full part in action taken to deal with this. Their views will be taken into account in reaching decisions on courses of action and they will be kept informed of progress and supported during any legal proceedings that may take place.

If you wish to make a complaint regarding Anti-Social Behaviour please  contact your local Neighbourhood Officer through the customer service centre on 0345 604 1472.

For the purpose of our policy and procedures, we use the definition of Anti-Social Behaviour taken from the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003:

“Conduct which is capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any person and directly or indirectly relates to or affects the housing management functions of the relevant landlord.”

“Conduct which consists of or involves using or threatening to use housing accommodation owned or managed by a relevant landlord for an unlawful purpose.”

Should you need any more information on Anti-Social Behaviour including a list of useful contacts please Click Here

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Need To Report Anti-Social Behaviour

If you would like to report some anti-social behaviour please use our online form here Anti-Social Behaviour Report Form or call 0345 604 1472