PRESS RELEASE 7 October 2017



Housing merger agreement signed with North East Lincolnshire Council

The merger between two of Lincolnshire’s leading housing providers has taken a step forward, following the signing of a legally binding deed with the local authority.

North East Lincolnshire Council gave formal approval to the merger following a formal agreement being reached between Shoreline on the content of a ‘memorandum of understanding’. This means the new 12,500 home landlord can continue plans to launch in 2018.

The decision follows an eight-week consultation period with customers, in which the majority of those who took part expressed their support for the proposed merger.


The new organisation will benefit from an additional £50m spending capacity, which it has pledged to use to provide at least 60 extra new homes in Lincolnshire each year. This would enable it to house an additional 4,000 people over the next 30 years.


Shoreline’s current board chair, Stephen Savage, will be the new group chair. He is a local businessman, a former partner at Wilkin Chapman LLP and vice-chair of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership.


Murray Macdonald has been appointed as group chief executive designate. Currently chief executive of Boston Mayflower, he previously held a senior role at Shoreline, and brings more than 15 years’ experience of local geography, housing issues and culture.


A final decision on the merger will take place early 2018. If agreed, a newly merged organisation will be launched for the start of the new financial year – April 2018.


Murray Macdonald said: “We are delighted to have secured approval from the local authority and want to thank our partners at North East Lincolnshire Council for their support and contribution in reaching this agreement.


“We look forward to building on our strong relationship with the council.

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Fire Safety within flats

In response to customers enquiries in relation to fire safety within Boston Mayflower flats.

In light of the Grenfell fire we have reviewed the building materials used in the construction of our flats and we have confirmed with central government that we do not have any flats with type of external aluminum cladding panels that are currently being deemed to be unsuitable.

In addition to reassure customers we take the health and safety of our customers very seriously and give the highest level of importance. We undertake a wide range of testing and checking within our flats on a regular basis to ensure that our customers and leaseholders health is protected. The activity that we undertake is reported to our board at regular intervals and includes:
• An Annual Fire Risk Assessment of the building
• A weekly check of the escape routes, fire doors and fire alarm operation in our sheltered schemes
• A quarterly inspection of escape routes and communal fire doors in our general needs blocks of flats
• 6 monthly servicing of fire alarms and emergency lighting.
• 6 monthly servicing of dry risers
• Annual servicing of fire fighting equipment and evacuation chairs
• Annual inspection of individual property smoke detectors and main entrance fire doors to flats.

Any repair actions identified are logged immediately on our risk register and given a target completion date. All live risk actions are reported to our board.

All checks are recorded and evidenced