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Welcome to Boston Mayflower

Boston Mayflower was established in December 1999 to receive the transfer of over 4,800 homes from Boston Borough Council.  As a Registered Charity and a non-profit organisation, we have no shareholders but instead channel any surpluses back into services and projects that benefit our tenants. We are governed by a Board of Management, comprised of tenants and independent members with valuable business skills and experiences to help guide our corporate strategy.

We provide homes and support for people in housing need and work hard to build strong communities in the areas we serve. Our aim is to provide better places for people to live, which we do by embracing opportunities to work with partner agencies.

168 members of dedicated staff help us to make things happen for local communities. We value and support their efforts and in turn are recognised as an ‘Investor in People’.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We regularly invite them to comment on the service we provide. In 2012 they judged us to be delivering a good level of service and we have recently received the Government’s Customer Service Excellence Award for the 5th year in a row.

Satisfaction often rests on swift response times as well as the quality of our work so we are continually improving aspects such as re-let and repair times, and tenant rent arrears levels.  Our latest independent satisfaction survey results indicated all three satisfaction indicators in the upper quartile, along with ‘Satisfaction with services provided by Landlord’ being in the top 10% of all landlords nationally.                                


Fire Safety within flats

In response to customers enquiries in relation to fire safety within Boston Mayflower flats.

In light of the Grenfell fire we have reviewed the building materials used in the construction of our flats and we have confirmed with central government that we do not have any flats with type of external aluminum cladding panels that are currently being deemed to be unsuitable.

In addition to reassure customers we take the health and safety of our customers very seriously and give the highest level of importance. We undertake a wide range of testing and checking within our flats on a regular basis to ensure that our customers and leaseholders health is protected. The activity that we undertake is reported to our board at regular intervals and includes:
• An Annual Fire Risk Assessment of the building
• A weekly check of the escape routes, fire doors and fire alarm operation in our sheltered schemes
• A quarterly inspection of escape routes and communal fire doors in our general needs blocks of flats
• 6 monthly servicing of fire alarms and emergency lighting.
• 6 monthly servicing of dry risers
• Annual servicing of fire fighting equipment and evacuation chairs
• Annual inspection of individual property smoke detectors and main entrance fire doors to flats.

Any repair actions identified are logged immediately on our risk register and given a target completion date. All live risk actions are reported to our board.

All checks are recorded and evidenced